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Do you ever feel like you're suffocating under the weight of your limiting beliefs? Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you can no longer hear your narcissistic mother's words in your head? Do you ever wish you could break free from the cycle of trauma and abuse?

You no longer have to live in fear of your past. You no longer have to let a narcissistic mother or anyone else make decisions for you. It's time for YOU to define who YOU want to be.

Ros Wilson a Trauma Informed Life Coach

Hi, I'm Ros

I am a qualified trauma-informed counsellor and coach who is passionate about supporting women of all ages to heal from the effects of abuse. 

I have been a counsellor for over 22 years. I have studied Holistic Counselling and Professional Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling (AIPC). I'm also a member of the Australian Counsellors Association (ACA) and a supervisor of counsellors.

I am a Certified Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach and Narcissistic Specialist. 

My clients who have experienced the devastating effects of growing up in a narcissistic family, see me as a compassionate and genuine person who listens, and helps them to develop new skills and habits to live their lives with joy, freedom, and empowerment.

I understand how you feel about embarking on the journey into your future at this point in your life. You feel you should know what to do, but sometimes it's hard to see your way clearly through the darkness of self-doubt. I know some of the fears you will have because I've been on a similar journey of self-discovery and found that living the life I love is possible.

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on a new challenge, but I also know that you've got this. And, most importantly, I understand what it's like to be afraid to start something new if you don't know where it will lead.

I started my journey of self-healing much later than others, and did it with a lot of difficult times along the way. However, once I found the courage to heal myself, everything changed. I learned how to shine a light into all my dark corners and feel comfortable in my own skin once again. That's why I know you can do this too.


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Introducing: Be Aware - The Trauma Toolbox

Where you work from the inside out, find your path through all areas of your life, and become the authentic you.

You get to create your life exactly the way you want, starting right now, if you choose.

The toolbox gives you the opportunity to:

Become Aware of your limiting beliefs so that you can make conscious choices.
Choose to stop doing what doesn't work and discover the solutions that will have a positive impact in your life.
Be Prepared to develop a mindset of action and courage to transform your life.

Learn to Regulate Your Nervous System.

We often find ourselves navigating a multitude of responsibilities, juggling various roles, and facing unique challenges. Our nervous system, the guardian of our internal balance, plays a pivotal role in how we respond to stress, embrace healing, and nurture our bodies.

When life throws stress our way—and let's be honest, it often does—our sympathetic nervous system kicks in. It's a survival mechanism that served our ancestors well, but in today's fast-paced world, chronic stress can take a toll on our health.

By incorporating practices that promote relaxation we can tip the scales in favour of restoration and balance.

Why does this matter? Because reducing chronic stress isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for our well-being. It impacts our immune system, our mental health, our digestion, and even the quality of our sleep.

Think of it as a gift to yourself—a way of reclaiming control over your own health and happiness. We deserve to thrive, not just survive.  Jump on board today – together we can do this.

Be Aware

When life is getting out of hand and the world is a scary place.

Be Aware will give you tools to feel safe, to be able to cope with challenges that arise in your life.

You will have a feeling the world can glide by, but you feel safe.


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Be Aware


4 weeks (4 sessions) - self paced

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  • Your Trauma Toolbox
  • 60-90 minutes per session
  • Access to a comprehensive self-paced video course on mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Audio recordings for guided meditations
  • Printable PDFs to use as a guide throughout the course and as a reference tool
  • A valuable investment in their personal growth and development
I'm ready to transform my life

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Here's my guarantee

If you're willing to put in 100% commitment, discipline, and passion into what you learn from our program, I can ensure that you'll get the best results.

Yes, I am very confident that if you're serious about making changes and you apply the things that I'm telling you to your life, the good results will be quickly following!

Change Your Whole Life

Utilize powerful tools to release yourself from your current patterns and reveal your authentic self.

Get science-backed guidance on your transformation and growth journey through a step-by-step process.

See your greatness through open eyes.

Glow from the inside out like never before.

Yes, show me the way to heal and regain my authentic self!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to get started?

Powerful individual coaching calls with me are available during the program in which we stay focused on identifying what's holding you back and what will move you forward.

We create a powerful vision for your life. You don't have to worry about being confused or lost when you know what you want, and commit to it!

I offer you Accountability so you can stay committed to your purpose and your goal no matter what! We are less inclined to follow through on plans when we are left to our own devices. It can also take us longer to get where we want to go.

Yes, let's do this!